The Ministry of Agriculture

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Livestock Sector Services

Veterinary health education and awareness


Insemination via artificial means

2 Dinars for the first vaccination and one Dinar for the second vaccination

Import permit for semen

10 Dinars

Repatriation  of semen

10 Dinars

Providing the farmer with frozen semen

2.25 Dinars for each straw semen

Imported frozen semen test

30  Dinars per batch of semen

Horse illness treatment 


‏Health certifications are issued for the purpose of exporting horses

2 Dinars

Issuing import licenses for horses and mules

10  Dinars for the license

Import and export permits for wild animals are issued.

10  Dinars for import and 5 for export

Issuance of health certificates

2 Dinars for each certificate

Certificate of veterinary health

20 Dinars for each certificate

Issuance of quarantine letters 

5 Dinars

Letters of release from quarantine

5  Dinars per letter. Calculating the mechanism of de- confinement according to the number of animals and according to the service allowance law

Bringing customs transactions to a close


Licensing requirements for pets


Completion of customs formalities for live chicks


Livestock farms license

10 Dinars for the first time for farms of horses, fish, broiler and laying poultry, sheep, breeding and fattening cows

20  Dinars for a poultry hatchery.

Licensing for zoos and circuses

50 Dinars

Licenses for poultry hatcheries

20 Dinars

Licensing of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses

250  Dinars for the first time and for renewal 105 Dinars

Certificate of veterinary health for poultry farms and their products


Imported poultry and its products are subjected to health inspections.


Permission to transport treatments, vaccines, raw materials, veterinary disinfectants, supplies and reagents


Issuance of certificates of freedom to sell and circulate life treatments and preparations.

10 Dinars

Import or export of veterinary pharmaceuticals (treatments, vaccines, production inputs, disinfectants), reagents, and veterinary supplies is recommended.

10 Dinars

Registration of companies that make veterinary medicines and life preparations.

1000  Dinars after registration of the foreign company

Registration is required (treatment, vaccine, veterinary insecticide and re-registration)

100  Dinars for registration, 75 Dinars for analysis and treatment fees, 50 Dinars for vaccine analysis fees, 80 Dinars for analysis (veterinary pesticide) and 50 Dinars for re-registration

Licenses for a veterinary clinic, a warehouse, and a veterinary pharmacy

For a license:

(30) Dinars for the pharmacy, (60) Dinars for the warehouse, (60) Dinars for the clinic, and half the fees when renewing the license

Licensing and renewal of a veterinary drug factory

(200) Dinars for a license and (100) for renewal

Profession practice version

5 Dinars

Licensing and renewal of a private veterinary laboratory

Annual renewal is 60 Dinars for the first time and 30 Dinars for renewal

Daily treatment of animals in the veterinary clinic


Treatment, vaccination and veterinary laboratory tests


Participation in committees of immigrant workers

None / 20 piasters 


Free for holders for diagnostic purposes, 15 Dinars for garden and circus animals and other animals, and 5 Dinars for pets, sheep and poultry for import and export purposes.

Histological examination

Free for holders and (5) Dinars for import and export purposes.

Parasitological examination

Free for owners of possession, half a Dinars for a stool sample and 2 Dinars for a blood sample for import and export purposes

Bacterial examination

Free for owners of possession and (50) Dinars for import and export purposes

Blood chemistry check

Free for owners of possession and 2 Dinars per sample for import and export purposes

Virus scan

Free for owners

10 Dinars for the ELISA examination of the sample

50 Dinars for the PCR examination

10 Dinars for rapid examinations of poultry diseases

5  Dinars for other viral tests for import and export purposes

Brucella examination

For the purposes of import and export (a quarter of a Dinar) for one sample of the serum and 50 Dinars for the cultivation of bacteria

Veterinary food, leather, wool, and immunizations are all subject to inspection.

50 Dinars for food and vaccines

30 Dinars for leather, wool and any other animal products

Analysis of samples of imported and local veterinary treatments

75 Dinars

Feed shop license

10  Dinars, 5 Dinars to renew

Analysis of imported and domestic feed samples

According to the sample, the fees are determined according to the agricultural services allowance decision No. G/4 of 2011 and the required checks, usually determined by the Directorate of Animal Production

Contaminated goods, laboratory trash, or dead bodies are all burned.

One and a half Dinars per kilogram

Animal feed or feed additives factory license

50  Dinars for licensing / 25 for renewal

Feed material registration

5 Dinars study fee for the application

45 Dinars fees for issuing the registration certificate in case of approval

Providing feed data

5  Dinars for each statement

Fish farms license for the first time

10 Dinars

Renewal of a fish farms license

5 Dinars

Fishing, wild birds and wild animals license

5 Dinars for fishing

30 Dinars for a license to hunt wild birds and wild animals

      Checking the fresh fish

1.20 Dinar per one ton of fish

Ornamental bird and fish shop license

1. A field inspection is required when acquiring a license for the first time, based on the distance between the shop and the directorate.

2. It takes 15-30 minutes to renew a license.

Certificate of ownership of agricultural, bees and livestock

10  Dinars / certificate

Licence for bee-hives

2 Dinars for establishment

Livestock numbering, feed dispensing to numbered livestock breeders

The numbering service is provided free of charge by the Ministry of Agriculture

Issuance of livestock services letters

10 Dinars for new

5  Dinars for damaged / lost

Shopping and information sector services

Taking care of agricultural exports in transit

Transit does not have to pay any fees.

250 Fils per tonne shipped plus two Dinars as phytosanitary certificate fees

Taking care of agricultural items, as well as fruitful and ornamental seedlings, that are imported into the Kingdom.

500 fils per ton inspection fee + 200 fils per ton marketing fee. A sample transportation cost of twenty Dinars is paid in addition to the required inspection fees if a sample is taken.

Examination of ships carrying feed

Fees for inspection 500 Fils per ton 

Fees for marketing 200 Fils per ton

Examination of ships carrying live animals

  1. Inspection fee

For sheep: 50 Fils*the number of sheep

For Calves: 250 Fils *the number of calves

  1. Fees for Veterinary Quarantine

For sheep: 50 Fils* the number of sheep* the quarantine period

For calves: 200 Fils* the number of calves* the quarantine period

Completion of customs data for animal products, fodder, legumes, grains, and agricultural output requirements (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides)

500 Fils per tonne inspection fee

 200 Fils per tonne marketing fee

 For animal products Dinar per tonne + 200 Fils per tonne marketing fee

Renewal of the license of centers for classification and packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits

Renewal costs 15 Dinars.

Licensing cold storage facilities for fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers

For the first time, a license costs 30 Dinars.

Renewal costs 15 Dinars.

Licensing centers for classification and packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits

For the first time, a license costs 30 Dinars.

Renewal costs 15 Dinars.

Submit statistical data.


Licensing for vegetables, fruits, olive oil, seedlings, ornamental plants, agricultural seedlings and agricultural seeds import, export and transit

Import costs 10 Dinars

Export costs 5 Dinars

Transit pass for free

Licensing for live animals, animal products, and feed import, export, transit, and official and private free zones

Import costs 10 Dinars

Export costs 5 Dinars

Transit pass for free

Projects and Agricultural Extension Sector Services

Inclusion in farming projects (reclamation)

10 Dinars

Irrigation canal construction and maintenance


Spring maintenance


Forestry and Rangeland Sector Services

Distribution of free forest planting


(Forest material acquisition) Obtaining a permit to sell firewood and forest products

First-time acquisition fees of 50.000

A licensing fee of 0.500

Renewal charge of 25.00

License for synthesis (charring)

5 Dinars per ton of coal

A license fee for 500 Fils

A ticket that allows transfer of forest materials from one location to another (forest firewood, charcoal, reeds)

Forest firewood transportation 2 Fils per kilogram plus a license charge of 500 Fils

Transporting locally produced coal costs 5 Fils per kilogram plus a license charge of 500 Fils.

200 Fils per cubic meter carriage fee Plus 500 Fils licensing fee

Investing in forest trees that are already own

2 Dinars

Investing in government forestry

Depending on the age of the trees, their quantity, and the causes for their removal

Sale of firewood

Each ton of mixed firewood costs 50 Dinars.

Each ton of oak wood costs 60 Dinars.

Three Dinars per ton transported

(Forest tree seed sales)

Depending on the seed type

Selling Christmas trees

20 Dinars for each tree

Financial and Administrative Sector Services

Training of students