Telecommunications Regulatory Commission

Fees for the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission services linked to import and export in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are listed in Annex No. 6 issued by the Authority. The fees for specific approvals are listed in the appendix, along with the entries listed below:



Fees for filing a type approval application and entering for the first time

100 Dinars

Fees for submitting and renewing a type approval application in English for the first time

200 Dinars

Fees for submitting and/or renewing entry applications for devices that have received prior type approval from the authority to any other party

100 Dinars

Fees for filing an application and having terminal devices connected to the PSTN network examined in the authority's laboratories. Aside from children's toys and automotive accessories, any equipment that uses radio frequencies, or any gadget that can be investigated by the authority.

50 Dinars

Fees for submitting a request to introduce communications equipment for research and development

50 Dinars

Application fees for the admission of refurbished and remanufactured communications equipment

100 Dinars

Fees for customs declaration examination and/or clearance at the authority's foreign offices for each declaration and its approval

25 Dinars

Fees for registering businesses for acquiring type approvals for parties from other countries

500 Dinars annually

Fees for registering companies that import radio equipment for exhibition, storage, or selling

100 Dinars annually

Fees for applying for permission to display, store, and trade radio equipment

25 Dinars per order

Fees for submitting an application for “Temporary Admission” approval

25  Dinars per order

Fees for submitting a request for approval of infrastructure device entry for licensed companies

25  Dinars per order

Fees for submitting an application for approval and for gaining access to the site for personal use. In addition to student admissions for graduation projects and entries from government agencies, international organizations, embassies, civil society organizations, and charitable organizations.

0 Dinars



  1. The paid wages referred to above are non-refundable.
  2. All of the wages shown above are in Jordanian Dinars.