Advance Rulings

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has implemented ab Advance Rulings mechanism according to the provisions of Article 148 / D of the Customs Law, the System of Advance Rulings No. 91 of 2020 was issued on 6/9/2020. The system includes the legal conditions and procedures for issuing Advance Rulings, the documents that must be attached to the requests for issuing these rulings, and the legal period of effectiveness.

Using Advance Rulings as a trader

  • An advance ruling can be issued upon request from an importer or exporter or any person with a justifiable cause. This means that a customs broker may request an advance ruling.
  • Advance Rulings shall be issued by the Customs within a period not exceeding ninety (90) days from the date of receiving the application, given that all necessary information has been provided by the applicant.
  • The validity period of an Advance Ruling is one (1) year starting from the date on which it was issued.